Our plan is to have a couple of litters per year. 

When you buy a kitten from us, it is / has: 

14 weeks old                                                                             Chip marked                                                                         Veterinarian inspected                                                        Pedigree in SVERAK / FIFE                                                 Vaccinated                                                                                Dewormed                                                                                   Neutered                                                                                   Health tested parents  

Our cats grow up in our home and are allowed to move freely with our other cats and family. We give the cats a lot of love and they get to meet a lot of children and other adults, which contributes to them being social and safe cats when they leave us.

If you are interested in a cat from us pls send us a mail with information about yourself and what kind of home you can offer the cat. 🌸

If you get accepted you can reserve a future cat from our cattery. We charge 300€/ 3000kr in deposit.  Pls note we don’t transport or sell cats for breeding. It’s ok to come and get the cat here but pls note we wont hold the cat for any extra time. You need to get it when it’s ready to leave after it’s rabies vaccine and inspection. 

Planned matings this Autumn:

Greta + Rush

Tesla + Rush